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french connection

The French Connection and You

Our mission at the caacQ is to reduce the number of companion pets killed in this province. Convenience killing is not an acceptable solution. In 2008 the caacQ created the French Connection program; the transport of adoptable homeless dogs from Québec to Toronto. We have an excellent working relationship with Toronto Humane Society, Toronto Animal Services south and breed specific rescues. Thanks to your donation we will be able to save more lives. The cost is approximately $ 550.00 for the rental of the truck, insurance, gas and a fee per kilometer. On average, 10 to 17 dogs can be transferred. We are ever so grateful to the Torontonians who adopted a Quebec dog

In the spring of 2011 the SPCA of Val d’Or, joined the program since the killing of viable dogs was no longer part of their practices with the new board of directors.

Without this program dogs will die.
Please donate to the French Connection so we can provide Quebec dogs with a new life connection.

* We are seeking free accommodations in Toronto for our volunteer driver.

We would like to thank Rolf C. Hagen for the generous donation of travelling crates.
Our passengers are now able to travel comfortably and safely.


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Une autoroute de l’espoir.


Abitibi dogs flying to Toronto.

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