About Us

Our Mission

The Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec (caacQ) was created so we can have a direct impact on reducing the number of companion animals killed in the Province of Quebec.

41 cats were killed

Our Goals

  • Encourage municipalities and the provincial government to establish and enforce stronger animal welfare laws.
  • Sterilization and micro chipping: educate the public on the importance of sterilization and permanent identification of companion pets.
  • Adoption option: promote and facilitate the adoption of homeless pets and responsible animal guardianship.
  • Support members of the caacQ by improving current practices.

Our History

The Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Québec (caacQ) was founded in 2008 by Johanne Tassé. Ten years as a volunteer in the marketing and adoption-promotion department for a dog adoption agency, Johanne Tassé realized that despite all the efforts made by similar organizations, the number of animals in shelters was consistently high. Miss Tassé created the caacQ to resolve the problem of animal overpopulation, to implement cost-effective solutions for the well-being of companion animals in our communities. To be respected as sentient beings and not a simple object. Furthermore the caacQ is working diligently so the killing of healthy animals will only be a sad memory in our collective minds.

Adoption, sterilization and permanent identification is our message to the public and the authorities.

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