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The caacQ encourages the public to adopt a companion animal from a member affiliated with the caacQ. They will help you find the truly perfect match. Furthermore, no animal is released from our adoption centers without being sterilized prior to adoption, which is a critical step in controlling the animal population and reducing the number of homeless pets in Quebec.

  • All animals are seen by a vet and vaccinated as required.
  • All members affiliated with the caacQ sterilize their pets before adoption
  • Dogs and cats are evaluated for their temperament and level of activity
  • A screening process of potential guardians is a pre requisite
  • A trial period is offered by some members of the caacQ and the animals micro chipped
  • Affiliates of the caacQ offer post adoption support to assist with the transition phase

caacQ members do not impose a time limit for adoptable animals.

sleeping catStéphanie Lefebvre

Launched in May 2008, the Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec regroups adoption centers that share the same philosophies and goals. The caacQ strongly believes in two very important notions:

  1. The value of sterilization; to be part of the solution and not the problem.
  2. Companion animals are not a commodity; they are a lifetime commitment.

Members of the caacQ

Animatch logo

Dog doption agency
To Adopt: www.animatch.ca

rosie animal adoption

Rosie Animal

Dog doption agency
To Adopt: www.rosieanimaladoption.org

AMR animal adoption

Dog and cat adoption agency
To Adopt: www.refugeamr.com

Adoption is the option

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